DIY Upholstered Headboard Bench

I love a good challenge especially when it is amake something without spending any money” kind of challenge.

I know that would seem daunting for most but for me this is what I live to do.

I save scraps from this-and-that and I try to reuse as much as possible.

I had a friend give me a full sized sleigh bed and I knew that it’s difficult to sell full sized beds. But I know I can sell a headboard bench so that’s what I decided to do.

Here is the Headboard “before”

When I originally saw it I was like… Headboard bench. I knew right away it would look fabulous. It was tall and the sides would almost look like a wing-back chair. Then I noticed the best part… there was an inset that would be perfect to upholster so I got busy and made it happen.

I started by going through the garage and finding any leftover wood from other projects and found plenty of 2×6’s leftover from building farmhouse tables.

I constructed a “box” for the bench support and reused some legs I bought for another project that was canceled and were never returned. You never know when you’ll need a set of wooden legs LOL!

Once the seat was constructed and the bench was completely painted I started on the upholstery part! This is the exciting part!

I used this 3M Supper Spray Adhesive to piece together the leftover batting I had saved from another upholstery job. It was just the scraps but it didn’t matter I just layered them on with spray adhesive so that it all stuck together.

It didn’t have to be perfect because I was going to cover over it with two different layers of fabric and no one will ever see this. You don’t need a lot either… just enough to give it a little dimension.

Next I added a layer of neutral fabric that would cover the batting so that you couldn’t see it when the burlap was applied since you can see thru it.

I had this fabric leftover from some box cushions I made for a client and I had just enough. I sprayed another layer of the adhesive over the batting and laid it on top and smoothed it out.

I had recently made burlap Roman Shades for a client and I had just enough burlap leftover to fill the inset!  I measured the inset and cut the burlap to be one inch bigger on all sides so I could press a “hem” with the iron so that it wouldn’t fray. Burlap can be a huge mess if you skip this step.

Once the burlap was pressed and the hem turned under I sprayed another layer of adhesive on the neutral fabric. Then I carefully lined up the top of the burlap into the inset and smoothed it out from the center and then to the left and the right.

It fit perfectly! At this point it was done but it really needed to be tacked into place so the burlap couldn’t be pulled off. So I used some vintage tacks that I had pulled off an old wing-back chair that I reupholstered about 3 years ago. So glad I saved them! They had a beautiful patina that looked great with the paint and fabric together.

The best way to do this is to tack all four corners. Then the center of each side. Then keep repeating and finding the center of each section where you place a new tack. I spaced mine out about every 2 inches. You can do them closer together but I wanted just enough to hold the burlap. This was really more of a decorative treatment but it really pops against the background.

I’ve made a lot of Headboard benches but I think this one is by far my favorite!

Take a look at the after pictures…

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