Budget Entryway Makeover

budget diy door lamp black makeover shiplap stripes succulent wreath

We enter and exit our house through the back door that comes in through the garage.

Every time I press the garage door opener I cringe when I see the mess on the way to the door and into the house. There was definitely nothing welcoming or inviting. 

See for yourself...

We use our garage to build custom furniture for clients so it is pretty messy at times. And we have a mountain of scrap wood.

I decided that I would give myself a project to make me feel better about walking into the house.

One that would make me walk through the mess and into the house painlessly.

So it began.

I gathered up all kinds of scraps which in the end helped reduce some of the mess so that was a win-win for sure.

I tried to only use things that we already had on hand. Leftovers are the best way to stay on budget during makeovers.

So my first step was to install faux shiplap on the main wall that you see when you go up the stairs to the back door. I used up all the mix-and-match widths of shiplap strips that we had leftover from our Master Bathroom and Laundry Room makeover.

Once it was all up I painted it with 3 coats of white satin paint.

I hunted through the garage for "extras" that we had laying around and found a Coat Rack with 5 hooks that used to be in the laundry room so I hung that up on the shiplap wall to hang coats and bags. It was the perfect size and will be great for keeping things like umbrellas up off the floor.

I had bought a "Welcome" wood cutout several months ago for another project that wasnt used so I got my nail gun out and attached it to the shiplap above the coat rack. 

The biggest decision of all was what color to paint the door. I decided to use Lamp Black by General Finishes and it really pulled the whole look together. I love their paints and it worked great even on our old metal door. Another bonus is that I already had some from a previous client project. I always believe in working with what you have!

Once the door was painted I decided to go look for the perfect door mat. I found one that said “WELCOME” in black letters and decided it was perfect.

Then I bought a square faux boxwood wreath that would bring the perfect pop of color to the black door. I also got a matte black wreath hook and some black and white striped ribbon to hang the wreath with.

For Mother’s Day my son brought home a flower in a cute little tin bucket with a ribbon as the handle. Well long story short the plant died.

I used the new striped ribbon to make a new handle and replaced the dead plant with a faux succulent that will always look good no matter what. That’s my kind of plant!

At this point the only thing left to do was hang the wreath and put out the welcome mat. Now I love to just go out there and stare at it all. 

When I open the garage door I get all the feels and I hear angels singing as I walk past the huge scrap wood piles and head for the back door.

Not really... but seriously I do forget about the mess and enjoy looking at the door on the way in. I’d be crazy if I said I didn’t. 

Now I’m motivated to find a way to reduce that scrap wood pile even more! 


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