About Superb Curb Refurb

Lynnette Quick
Hi, I'm Lynnette Quick.
Superb Curb Refurb was founded in 2011 as a part-time "side job" that flourished when friends and family were interested in the "CURB CANDY" that I was refurbishing.
I would go out on "Trash Night Eve" and hunt for all the things that were in good condition and that I knew I could make better than they were. Most people just get tired of their stuff or they are moving and then they put it on the curb for trash pickup. That's where I came in. I would haul it home and start the process, one piece at a time.
I started posting my work on my personal Facebook page and before I knew it the word was out. She told one friend, and she told one friend, and on and on. I began accepting custom work and started working from a glorified storage unit.
As the number of clients grew so did my business and my following on Social Media exploded.
In February of 2019 I expanded my business into a Warehouse "flex space" with retail space and a dedicated spray booth.
This enabled me to increase my production to keep up with the growing demand. Everything I refurbish is professionally sprayed with primer, paint and poly topcoat. This gives the smoothest finish without brush strokes and gives my pieces a fresh new look for a fraction of the price of buying new.
I've been professionally building and refurbishing furniture for 10+ years now and I still love waking up every morning and going to work to PAINT ALL THE THINGS!
Thank you to all my past and present customers for supporting my small business! I appreciate each and everyone of you!